Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Club: Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 2 is over and it's time for our second book club discussion and I'm sure you all have a lot to say about this week's reading assignment. You are not required to answer all or any of the questions we provide we just want to hear your thoughts on what you read this week. If you were bad and read on past the assigned chapters please do not spoil the book for everyone else in your comments.

1.How did you feel when Vlad gave the go ahead for others to feel free to court Leila?

2. How did you feel about Vlad giving his blood to Leila without telling her what it meant?

3.How do you feel about the relationship Vlad is proposing to Leila?

4. Do you think Vlad will really be able to have a relationship with Leila without loving her?

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ReneAva said...

Woooo weee are things heating up in this book! I was FUMING when Vlad announced she's open for all to court! What kind of crap is that? I mean really!!
I feel Vlad knows exactly what he wants and knows exactly what he's doing. He may not verbalize or outwardly show it, but he wants and cares for Leila deeply. I feel he just might of set it up for their future (well that's what I'm hoping anyway), so I did not get upset that he had her take his blood without letting her know the full truth about it right away. Besides, he's saving her life :)
I have no final feeling about what he's proposed to her just yet. Things change constantly and I'm a very wishful thinker with hopes he will want more (possibly all) in the near future.
I believe Vlad will try to put on a front that he is carrying on without love. But so far we can see she is embedded deeply into his soul and it will only deepen with time (don't forget I'm a big dreamer here with lots of wishful thinking). LOL
I CANNOT wait to see what happens next! Off I go to continue....

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

When Vlad gave his staff the go ahead to court Leila I almost lost my bottom jaw. And I thought that it truly shows his arrogant and confident personality which are all good things in my book. But I have to say I felt bad for Maximus or however you spell his name. Forgive me. When I found out what giving his blood to Leila really meant I thought it was a sign of how deeply his feelings go for Leila already which leads up to the other questions this week. Temporarily Vlad's arrangement as cold as it may be may work for the time but in the long run there is no way he's going to be able to be this close to Leila without falling in love and thinking about this raises the question in my head do you think Vlad will want to change Leila into a vampire in the future? what do you guys think?

ReneAva said...

Oh Danielle!! I believe that is inevitable, a guarantee for her future that she will become a vampire hottie chick!!!

And I SO cannot wait to find out!! WHOOOT!!!!

Redd said...

I'm back tracking on answering the questions because how late I am to this buuuutttt...

When Vlad made the announcement it actually cracked me up. Why? The EGO!! And maybe it's just me but I could feel the chemistry crackling between them. He's full of himself and she's full of sass.

If it were a scene in a movie I'd be sitting there with popcorn watching things avidly. =)

Now Vlad giving Leila his blood without telling her...hell, I'd react the same way except I'd probably be ruder. 'Maximus, tell his royal fang face to get down here!' Yep. She's nicer than I. XD And more patient..dernit!

The relationship? As in I can't give you love because it's long gone? But we can still have sex?? Heh, just goes to show no matter how old man is he's still a man and once in a blue moon needs a Gibb's smack on the back of the head. Oh well, I'd go on but then this post would be hellalong. Heh..

For no. 4. question, easy peasy. No. The man covers his emotions like a lid on a cauldron or pan. If you listen closely you can hear the bubbling underneath the heavy lid. I'd say sooooo much more, but then it would be spoilers and isn't that a no-no? XD

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