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Review: "Love Slave for Two: Reunions" by Tymber Dalton

"Love Slave for Two: Reunions"
Author: Tymber Dalton
Series: Love Slave for Two #3
Genre: Erotic Romance, Menage, M/M
Pages: 270
ISBN: 9781622412709
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Published: July 30, 2012 by Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
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Goodreads Blurb:
Nevvie and Thomas think Tyler is nuts for coming home with an RV and an even crazier plan to travel from Florida to Seattle. What could be better than a family vacation with two kids and Tyler’s father?

Perhaps finally putting the ghosts of Nevvie’s past to bed for good as she seeks answers to who she is.

She begins to seriously doubt the wisdom of their journey as mishaps seemingly pile up by the mile. And when a tropical storm and medical emergency add to the mix, she considers pulling the plug. By the time they reach Seattle, she endures almost more than her sanity can take, including a ride in a patrol car, a stowaway, and nonconsensual use of handcuffs.

And that’s before she’s given her mother a piece of her mind.

Through it all she’ll discover that sometimes the longest journeys, no matter how trying, are the ones that bring you closest to family—and home.

My Review:
 Another great addition to the series by Tymber Dalton and it picked up perfectly from where it left off in the last book! This series is one of my favorite ménage reads of all time! I’ve read all but the prequel and still am able to experience the growth both in characters and the relationship of the trio as the series goes on. There’s a lot of fun, laughs, cries, excitement and surprises in store in this installment and I recommend it to any reader that has an interest in reading a great story on a ménage relationship that is full of love, devotion and loyalty that we feel right to the core; or readers that enjoy great sex, a fully functional loving family with the twist of it being a very successful trio (also if you are not against some M/M intimate moments that were written with love) this is the read for you.

Nevvie, Tom and Tyler have their own family now and they’ve never been happier. But Nevvie still has unanswered questions about her adopted parents as well as her biological ones. Ty (the evil genius) plans a grand adventure for them all to travel via RV (YAY road trip). They are to make many stops along the way, some just for the fun of it, others for Ty’s writing purposes, family visits and (of course) for Nevvie to finally confront her adopted mother. Many ups and downs on this trip, shocks, surprises and antics not only from the trio, but their eldest son as well (that child was a real trip!) Many decisions, conclusions, secrets and surprises also happen along the way and a few open wounds from pasts now get to mend closed from a final confrontation and answers that had lingered for years. Will this trio and their family be able to handle any more surprises? I look forward to finding out in the next book of the series and I hope Nevvie and Tom pick on Tyler a bit less. I did felt bad for the bugger :/

You do not need to have read the rest of the series to enjoy Love Slave for Two: Reunions, but you most definitely will miss out on a lot of fun, growth and situations that brought them together to begin with if you don’t and believe me you do not want to do that :)

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