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Review: "G is for Gigolo" by Malia Mallory

"G is for Gigolo"
Author: Malia Mallory
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 28
Source: Review Copy
Published: July 16, 2012 by Malia Mallory
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Goodreads Blurb:
The ABCs of Erotica - G is for Gigolo

Candace travels the world and happens to be stopping over in L.A. with one thing on her mind: red hot sex with no strings attached! After losing her husband, this sultry seductress is finally discovering herself. Widowed but wise, and ready for action, Candace knows what she needs and she will take it right now. The old boundaries from her marriage no longer hold her back.

Gavin is a gigolo. Sex with women like Candace is his job. Gavin is about to accompany Candace on a journey down an erotic path she never would have dreamed of.

Notice: This book is fantasy fiction. It contains explicit depictions of sexual acts including oral sex, anal sex, sexual intercourse, an older woman (cougar) with a younger man, spanking and dirty talking. It is intended for mature audiences only (18+).

 I've read a few of Malia Mallaroy’s works in her (what I like to call) alphabet series. She writes some great stories with great erotica! G is for Gigolo is a short, sensual and engrossing read that fills one’s erotic desires with a good background story for the boot :)

Gavin is just a gigolo. He’s good at his job and his number one priority is the satisfaction to his client(s). He explores more than he ever has before during his time with Candence and is happy to have experienced all he has with her. But will he ever see her again?
Candence is a widower that desires to explore a new sexual plane and chose to hire a gigolo to help her satisfy her desires. It turns out to be even better than she expected it to be, even just for the one night. She craves more, but she now has to leave to go to Japan for work purposes. Will her gigolo accompany her on her journey after their night of unbridled passion and amazing chemistry?
The ending left me wanting more of Gavin and Candence. Thankfully there’s to be a book 2 so we can find out what happens with these two. Any erotic fan (that has nothing against a bit of anal play) will get enjoyment out of this quicky read.

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Simon said...

I’ve not read the book yet but I was wondering if Malia has had first-hand experience of sex with a male escort? Hmmm. Having checked out her website bio I think she might just have done.

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