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Book Club: Week 3 Discussion Questions

Week 3 is over and it's time for our third book club discussion and I'm sure you all have a lot to say about this week's reading assignment. You are not required to answer all or any of the questions we provide we just want to hear your thoughts on what you read this week. If you were bad and read on past the assigned chapters please do not spoil the book for everyone else in your comments.

1. Do you think any differently of Leila and/or Vlad now that some of their darkest secrets have been revealed?

2. At the end of Chapter 35, Leila came up with a plan. What was your first thought on it?

3. What are your thoughts on Leila's father and sister?

4. Do you think Leila will go against Vlad's wishes to get Marty back?

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ReneAva said...

I can't believe we are almost done already! Time sure does fly when your having fun :)

I honestly do not think any differently about either of them but was glad to learn more about them both and why the way they are now. It answered many lingering questions for me.

LOL- my first thought was "WOW, she sure is brave!"

I think Leila's father and sister do not treat Leila properly. She did not ask for anything that has happened to happen. They both need to let go, forgive, love and live. Life is too short for them to be treating Leila like she is below them or just a pest to their Oh so superior lives- SMH

From what I've learned about Leila so far I feel so will without a doubt go against Vlad's wishes. She has a very loyal heart and does not want any of her loved ones to suffer. Especially for something that they are involved in only because of her.

I cannot wait to see what's next! I'm not looking forward to the end of this book because that means we are going to have to wait for the next release. It's the wait that gets me. Just call me Mz. Impatient ;)

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Now that Vlad and Leila have revealed some of their past I think that they both have had a extremely hard life but Leila's pales in comparison to Vlad's.

When Leila came up with her plan my first thoughts was she's CRAZY but after she explains her plan to Vlad I think that she makes some sense and it might work.

I felt that Leila's father and sister were very cold to her and had no compassion for her situation like they blamed everything on her when she couldn't help it even down to her problems with her hand electrocuting people and reading people much less the situation she's in from being kidnapped. Her sister did show some compassion towards the end when she was telling Vlad her plan but that's the only kind of love she's shown her sister the whole time.

I think that Leila is very stubborn and brave and just may go against Vlad's wishes and sneak off to follow through with her plan.

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

I have to agree with Ava. I'm going to be sad to see this book end and will be very impatiently waiting for the next book in the series. I wonder who's next. I haven't read the Cat and Bones series yet (I know what am I waiting for right?) but after this book I'm so going to start soon.

Midnyte Reader said...

I've only read the first Cat/Bones book, but I enjoyed reading these comments. One day maybe I'll catch up.

ReneAva said...

Hi Midnyte!

It does not matter if you read the first books or not. The only thing it has in common is the main character and a guest pop up-lol
I hope you get to catch up. It's a fun read :)

Have a great one!

Redd said...
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Redd said...

I'm sooo behind on things but I finished the book and kinda go backwards... lol.

I don't think differently of either of them. One kinda got the major hint that his was going to be ummm gruesome? And tragic.. for her, she was young..we all get the stupids when we're young and think we know it all. For Leila, it just took on a whole new and different level than most people.

Leila's sister is a trip. The fainting and screaming, well, that was just funny as hell. XD Her dad? Had one like him but different in ways so it was a tad freaky. We military brats all have our issues in communicating with the 'sir'. lol.

Do I think she'll go against Vlad's wishes?? Can I mention that I finished the book before seeing these questions and am itching to tell??

Once I started I couldn't stop. I was going to read the designated pages and then answer the questions. Didn't happen. Read it all in one sitting. It was sooo nummy of a read.

Did I think she would go against him? I was sure hoping not. It was like they were in a war of sorts, so her best bet was to go on his know-how, and not be an idiot. *chuckles*

ReneAva said...

Awesome Redd!
I've had complete power and was able to control my urges to keep reading and reading, until now! LOL- Just kidding, I caved also after week 3. It's hard to stop when something is just so dang good!
Thank you for joining in! I love the answers you posted :)


Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Hi Redd, I'm so glad you decided to join us even though you and Ava are cheaters LOL! I have been good and haven't read the last portion yet but I can't wait to see what happens. I kind of figured Leila would go against Vlad's wishes.

Redd said...

lol. Really, I didn't mean to be a cheater. XD One minute I was on the first page and then the next I was nearly finished. Like Ava said the book was that dang good!

Thanks Ava & Danielle for the open invite and making this so fun!!

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