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Review: "Delicious"

"Delicious" by Shayla Black
Series: Wicked Lovers #3
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780425232422
Author website:

Goodreads Blurb:
He can’t control his desire. Luc Traverson’s entire future is planned out—but there is one very sexy obstacle in his path: Alyssa Devereaux . She’s a former exotic dancer turned strip club owner and restaurateur. Recently, Alyssa and Luc shared one night of wild abandon that left Luc terrified by his loss of self-control—and Alyssa desperate for more.
And that’s just the way she wants it.
Fulfilling a promise, Luc is the guest chef for Alyssa’s restaurant debut. The sight of her makes Luc wild, so how can he survive a week without letting loose and ravaging her—especially when she’s begging for it? Luc’s desire for her explodes when he realizes he isn’t the only man desperate to have her. But one of the others is deadly. And that’s not the end of Alyssa’s secrets…which are as dark and mysterious and enticing as her fantasies. 

Darcy's Review:
I really liked this book and would have rated it 4 stars but I really thought Luc was a prick for most of the book. I just wanted to reach into the book and smack him upside the head!!

In the previous book Luc and Alyssa sent a scorching hot night together after which he promptly left, sending her flowers the next day. Part of the deal with them spending the night together had Luc coming back for a week to guest chef in the new restaurant Alyssa was set to open. Alyssa is wanting to take her life in a different direction and is hoping the restaurant will help her even though her other business is a success, it is a strip club where often she performs.

Fast forward 3 months and Alyssa can't get Luc and their night together out of her mind. She calls to remind him of their deal, reluctantly he comes back to town. He too can't get her out of his mind, but he is ready to settle down, get married, have kids, dog, white picket fence, the whole schebang, but in that plan there is no place for a stripper or even a former stripper. Sadly the moment that Luc sees Alyssa all he can think of is their former night and he realizes what a big problem the coming week is going to be. Alyssa compounds the problem by having the hotel loose his reservation giving him no place to stay but her place. Here is where all the fireworks start to happen.

Luc basically thinks that Alyssa is a whore, even though she said when they spent the night together previous she told him that he was the first man she had sex with in 2-3 years. But Luc sees her strip and her over protective bouncer/bodyguard, who has made his interest in her blazingly clear, even though Alyssa doesn't feel that way about him. No matter what she tells Luc he thinks that she is lying.

Since Alyssa is in a business that many people feel is morally wrong she is running into trouble with a stalker. As the stalker strikes escalate Luc's jealous feelings do too when Alyssa turns to her bouncer for help and not Luc. Things start to go more and more crazy and painful events from Alyssa's past come to light, making Luc feel like as ass, which he should.

As time goes on Luc is then confronted with issues from his past that could destroy what little relationship the 2 have established. With both past problems rearing their heads that could be the end of either of them. In the end the bad guys are caught and Luc comes to his senses almost at the cost of all that he holds dear.

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This review was written by my friend Darcy at Goodreads.


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