Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Spooktacular Day 20

Zombie Guest Post
This is one of my favorite holidays because I like all things scary, spooky, cobweb decorating, fall weather, and my Alma Mater’s colors are orange and black (Oklahoma State University.) When Danielle asked if I’d like to guest post during her Halloween event, I immediately said, “Heck yeah! Sounds fun!” I support anyone’s Halloween habit. My theme is a relatively new interest for me thanks to The Walking Dead, although many have been fans for quite some time…zombies. A couple of months ago, I ran across this conversation on Goolge + and IMMEDIATELY asked permission to use it someday. That day has come. Behold the genius behind my online pals as they uniquely join zombies…and Star Wars (notice the time of day this brilliance took root in the mind):
trollitc -  6:41 AM  -  Public
Serious question. Can you Force-choke a zombie until its head pops off?

(male name withheld) - Of course [not]. Why shouldn't you be able to do that? It's a question of constricting the air around someone's neck like a noose, not just putting an invisible cork in their trachea. Edit: I stand corrected.

6:47 AM   
Nightchilde - Is Wayne Brady gonna have to force-choke a zombie?

6:50 AM   
trollitc - I hope not. Wayne isn't part of my...research.

6:50 AM   
(female name withheld)- Isn't force choke used to actually ... choke? Doesn't make sense for a zombie as it's undead and doesn't need to breathe anymore. I think decapitating should work but not a force choke.

7:30 AM   
trollitc - True, but I've never seen a Force-decapitation.

7:31 AM   
Nightchilde - From the Star Wars wiki...

This was an attack via the Force that was used to crush a living being's throat, in effect choking them if used at a low level. Sith Masters used this when wanting to punish people or prove their strength to a number of individuals. Those under its effect would usually clutch at their throats. Possibly the most notable display of this ability was by Darth Vader in the Death Star. Admiral Conan Antonio Motti expressed his feelings concerning the Dark Lord's "sorcerer's ways," to which Vader replied with a Force Choke to his throat, saying "I find your lack of faith disturbing." listen (help·info) Those most experienced with Force Choke needed only a live visual of their victim in order to perform the technique. Darth Vader demonstrated this by choking Admiral Kendal Ozzel over a viewscreen, even though the admiral was on the bridge and Vader was in his meditation chamber. However, this ability requires extreme focus upon the object at hand, any break of concentration and the choke would be removed and the target's freedom of movement restored.

7:34 AM   
Nightchilde - Force Telekinesis can be used to crush internal organs, so you could possibly use it to squish a zombie's brain, having the same effect as a headshot. Hrm. I'm pondering this way too much.

7:42 AM   
trollitc - Yes you are. Which is why I put these things where you can find them. So I'm not all alone in pondering them too hard.

7:43 AM   
(male name withheld) - I've never thought of using the Force vs Zombies, but now that I have its clear that the Lightsaber is the preferred melee weapon against a zombie hoard.

As for real life protections vs zombies my friend maintains that a fridge door will make a good tower shield.

8:49 AM  
Julie B - OMG! Can I use this for a zombie post?? Please? Huh? Pretty please? I can't make this crap up!!!

Thank you for having “us” on your blog and Happy Halloween!

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KainsHottie said...

Wow...My husband has got to read that when he gets home. I will have to pose the question to him because he will probably end up talking about it all weekend with his friends. It seems to me that you should be able to use the force to rip someone limb from limb, so why not decapitate? Does the force actually have a physical limitation to it? I mean can there really not be enough strength/pressure necessary when using it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having me! :)

Amy said...

Zombies scare me because the death would be horrible and slow with all that flesh eating. I never liked zombie books and movies either lol.


miki said...

My brother will also have a big discussion on that, so fan of Starwar he is.

i'm not a fan of zombie but it's also depend of the Deathtown by Nancy holzner they are quite..."human" ok not the term but i can't explain so perhaps you could try ^^( it's not a zombie book, just are zombie in it ( as good people^^)


Victoria Zumbrum said...

I haven't read any zombie books but I would like to.

Lexi said...! That had me laughing out loud, what a great conversation. Never would have considered using the Force on a zombie, lightsaber yes of course weapon of choice. Ah the many wonders of Star Wars =)

Vivien said...

Excellent post! A valid question.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Na said...

I'm hearing all this talk about The Walking Dead. I may just have to check it out.


Maria (pronounced Mariah) said...

Don't know many zombie books but love the Walking Dead!

mmafsmith at gmail dot com

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