Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Historical Romance Challenge Giveaway

Welcome to the 10th month of my 2012 Historical Romance Reading Challenge! Something new from last year is that I'm keeping the sign up open all year long so others can jump in and join us at any point during the year. 

This is October's post were you will be getting information about this month's giveaway and this is also were your going to link up your reviews using the Linky Tool at the bottom of the post. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at Now on to the good stuff:

There will be one winner this month. This month's giveaway is International. The winner will be winning this lovely bookmark:
from Miss Bohemia 

and a ebook copy of:
Waking up to discover you're a vampire then fainting at the sight of your number one food source isn't healthy.
Billie Joyce’s dream visit to New York City turned into a nightmare.  Now not only is she one of the living dead, but she has to contend with a know-it-all vampire who wants to tell her how to talk.  Not gonna happen!

“Whare am I?”
Startled from his thoughts by a soft southern drawl, Daniel looked over at the bed. The woman sat up clutching the white cotton sheet to her chest, lips trembling and eyes round with fear. Not surprising since the last thing she would remember was someone sticking a knife into her.
“It’s okay. You’re safe here.” His answer resulted in her pulling the sheet tighter, if that was possible. “Honestly. You have nothing to fear.” Except the fact you’re now one of the living dead.
“Whare are my clothes?”
“I said whare in tarnation are my clothes?” 
It took Daniel a moment to translate her question.  He almost laughed at the way she drawled out the words. “Where are your clothes? Well, I think the trash is a good assumption since they were covered with blood.”
“Oh.” Her eyes grew larger and she glanced frantically around the room as if looking for an escape.
How odd. Her eyes are lavender. I can’t remember the last time I saw a woman with eyes such a soft color of purple. The part of Daniel’s anatomy that hadn’t experienced life in a long time, twitched in response. Maybe he should have taken up some of the many offers from the twins when they lived with him. Damn. I don’t need this.
A sob brought him back to the problem at hand. “As I said before, you are safe here. What is your name?” Damn. The formal speech and stiff manner he lapsed into when under stress probably made her more nervous. Thankfully, he didn’t revert into his native tongue of old English. He was sure that would have terrified her even more. Daniel watched as anxiety played across her face while she tried to make up her mind if she wanted to share any information, let alone tell him her name.

*This is the 2nd book in the series the first book "Dead Awake" will be free on Amazon on Oct. 12th and 13th so make sure you grab a copy. 
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