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Review: "Eternal Desire" by Roxanne Rhoads

"Eternal Desire"
Author: Roxanne Rhoads
Genre: Paranormal  Erotic Romance

Pages: 66
ISBN: 9781926704784
Source: Won from a giveaway
Published: October 2009 by Eternal Press
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Goodreads Blurb:
Paranormal researcher Liz Beth's dreams are haunted by a sensual vampire, who may or may not be real. She arrives in New Orleans the week of Halloween in search of her elusive dream lover, Quillon. She doesn't find him, but she does encounter a handsome stranger, Christien. They begin a passionate affair, but she is torn between her dream lover and her flesh and blood lover, both of whom are a mystery to her. She fights to regain her reason, trying desperately to find the truth about Quillon while Christien holds her under his own spell.

We have a short, spicy, surprising and very sensual read here that really left me wanting more. This is my first time reading any work by Roxanne Rhoads and she’s now officially on my list as a new favorite author. Her writing was so very smooth, descriptive and (I’ll use the word) addicting! Any paranormal, romance or erotic reader with find themselves completely engrossed in Eternal Desire.

Liz Beth is a paranormal researcher who now finds herself in the hottest spot for the paranormal, the one and only New Orleans! What brings her to New Orleans you ask? The hottest, most sensual vampire that’s haunted her dreams for practically her entire life is her reason. But is this vampire real or just a figment of her paranormal imagination that she allows to guide her and protect her in times of need? Well, she gets a bit side tracked when she meets the most delicious male specimen she’s ever encountered and things get beyond hot and out of control.

Christien is a complete mystery to us (as well as to Liz Beth). We know he’s handsome, mysterious, a hard worker and he knows how to take care of a woman in many ways! But is he friend or foe? What are his intentions (other than giving Liz Beth the best intimate times she’s ever experienced) toward Liz Beth in the long run? Christien has secrets that he will reveal, but will we still see him the same in the end?

I have one BIG question… Is there going to be a book 2? I was really left wanting more and have some unanswered questions lingering (constantly) in the back of my mind. That’s actually the only reason why I did not 5 star this baby. It really is worthy of a fiver :)

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