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Review: "Curse of the Wolf" by Danica Winters

"Curse of the Wolf"
Author: Danica Winters
Series: Veela Curse Series #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 212
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: May 9, 2012 by Ravenous Romance
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Goodreads Blurb:
For cursed, shape-shifting Veela Gloriana, following her heart and giving her body to sexy, tortured werewolf Alexander means one thing-he will die and it will again be her fault.
Once only a man, Alexander finds himself scarred by the memories of his former life and the deceptions and lies that surround him. When a glimmer of light breaks the madness, he must let go of his misguided preconceptions and the hatred that consumes him.
On a mission for blood, they find unity in their desire for revenge, but are driven apart by their pasts. Traveling the darkest paths and fighting the very people they think they can trust, they draw closer to one another's hearts and further into danger.
Will the curse prove to be unstoppable... or is there hope in forbidden love?

In some ways this book reminded me of Lord of the Rings and a small touch of Harry Potter (two of my all time favorites) due to some of the characters, context and situations, but much it is more adult in context and more shifter based. There were characters that varied from shifter to witch, Sorcerer to a god-like monster. It was very original, exciting and at some parts cringe worthy. Any paranormal, romance and fantasy lover will enjoy escaping with Curse of the Wolf :)

Gloriana is a cursed, what’s known as a shape-shifting Veela. Beautiful, irresistible, intriguing, vicious, smart, loyal and hell bent on revenge! She’s been around for many years and knows more than one would think. She protects what is hers with incredible ease. But her veracious need for revenge is partially clouding her mind and she takes a fall. She’s on the brink of death and is weary of her savior. Can she trust this werewolf, Alex, in any way shape or form? Or is he one of many enemies trying to steal something from her that needs nothing more but to be destroyed?

Alex has a curse of his own. He’s cursed as a werewolf (and what an alpha hot werewolf he is). He thinks of himself as a monster and does not trust even his own feelings. He also has enemies that he must protect himself against, scores to settle and people he must put in their place. While on his own personal mission he learns much about his prejudices of other races and how those prejudices were so very wrong. He saves someone that he was sent to destroy and to top it off; he falls in love at the first sight of her!

Gloriana and Alex share a common enemy. Even if it’s for different reasons, it boiled down to they want revenge and will accept nothing less but their enemy’s death. They are both VERY attracted to each other, but much holds them back. The pull between them is strong, very strong and undeniable. Could they possibly make it work or is it destined for them to go their separate ways and never know what could have been? (I'm not telling *wink*)

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I enjoyed the review. This book has caught my attention; I need to check it out.

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