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Review: "Hallowed Eve" by Suza Kates

"Hallowed Eve"
Author: Suza Kates
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9780984592951
Source: Won as a prize
Published: August 31, 2011 by Icasm Press
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Goodreads Blurb:
Something terrible happened in Pine Creek.Eve Taylor must return home for her grandmother's funeral but has every intention of making it a short visit. Too many memories live in the small town where she grew up, memories of a Halloween best forgotten. Trey Rainwater has been waiting for Eve. He knows she'll be staying for longer than she'd planned and has every intention of making sure she does. He has a promise to keep.Eve and Trey find themselves thrown into a deadly combination of riddles, murder, and a love that won't be denied. As the moon hovers in the October sky and Halloween grows closer, Eve must fight her own personal demons while learning to trust the man who protects her. The past has come back to life, and a killer is stalking the small town of Pine Creek. He's waiting for his Hallowed Eve.

An absolutely perfect read for Halloween (even though there are no paranormal aspects within), it kept the spooky feeling going without being to harsh and continued to keep my interest. Hallowed Eve is a wonderfully written romantic, spooky, mysterious and thrilling read that was full of twists and turns, surprises (both welcome and unwelcome) and even some laughs. Be ready to hold tight because once you start reading, you'll not be able to peel yourself from the pages until the very end. Even then, you will be looking for more :)

Eve has had a very traumatizing event occur to her when she was just 8 years old and that event forever haunts her, both in her dreams and in her waking hours. Because of that she’s never felt free to REALLY live, feel and explore. But now she has to go back to the town of the occurrence to attend her grandmother’s funeral and settle other odds and ends pertaining to her passing. Her plan is to go and get out ASAP! Finding out a very shocking detail that her grandmother has left in her hands, solely responsible, she now finds herself stuck in the last place she wants to be. That’s until she meets the delightfully yummy Trey Rainwater who is also her neighbor and a new path has set course for her life.

Trey Rainwater is a mysterious, secret baring and an amazingly hot man that just so happens to be Eve’s neighbor and a friend of her grandmother’s. He’s ex-military, owns his own web design business and can fix cars (love a man of many skills). Always a loner and never allowing him self to get close to another, he finds a promise once made is making his usual way of life quite complicated and very unsure if it’s welcome or not, all because of meeting Nan’s granddaughter Eve.

From the first time the two of them met the sexual tension and attraction lays extremely thick in the air. But both have their own issues and reasons to hold the other at arms length. It was great fun to watch them both grow stronger and face their worst fears as well as their attraction towards one another. Trey is now my new dream hero and he can visit my dreams whenever he'd like! Anyone looking for an original, enjoyable Halloween read (even not to read for Halloween, but just for fun) with a perfect romantic touch will thoroughly enjoy reading Hallowed Eve!

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